Calculemus 2005

12th Symposium on the Integration of
Symbolic Computation and Mechanized Reasoning

July 18-19, 2005

In conjunction with Formal Methods 2005
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
July 18-22, 2005

The Calculemus Interest Group is dedicated to advancing the integration of symbolic computation and formal deduction in mathematical software systems and computer-aided verification tools. Calculemus has previously sponsored a series of 11 symposia starting in 1996 whose aim is to bring together researchers interested in this objective. (Calculemus was also part of IJCAR 2004.) This series is the major forum for the presentation of research in combining the capabilities of computer algebra systems and computer deduction systems.

Calculemus 2005, the 12th symposium in the series, will be held July 18-19, 2005 at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom in conjunction with Formal Methods 2005. A principal theme of Calculemus 2005 will be interactions with formal methods, including problems in formal methods which require a mixture of computing and proving, and applications of formal methods to the construction of integrated systems.

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