Computing and Software 701
Logic and Discrete Mathematics In Software Engineering
Fall 2002

Instructor: William M. Farmer

Presentation Schedule

Wei Gao Topic 1 (Maple) 23-SEP-2002 (done)
Admed ElSeikh Topic 2 (Mathematica) 26-SEP-2002 (done)
Bo (Tyler) Xie Topic 4 (Exercise 6) 30-SEP-2002 (done)
Ping Tan Topic 7 (Exercise 14) 30-SEP-2002 (done)
Huidong (Dennis) Tian Topic 3 (Exercise 2) 03-OCT-2002 (done)
Xiaoyang Yu Topic 9 (Transitive Closure) 03-OCT-2002 (done)
Lei Lai Topic 6 (Exercise 9) 07-OCT-2002 (done)
Alexandre Korobkine Topic 10 (Exercise 17) 07-OCT-2002 (done)
Xiayong (Jason) Hu Topic 5 (Exercise 7) 07-OCT-2002 (done)
Zhuomei Wu Topic 8 (Exercise 15) 10-OCT-2002 (done)
Millie de Guzman Topic 15 (Regular Expressions) 10-OCT-2002 (done)
Jun Wu Topic 11 (Exercise 19 a) 17-OCT-2002 (done)
Joe Fakhri Topic 12 (Exercise 19 b) 17-OCT-2002 (done)
Fatima Issawi Topic 13 (Exercise 20 a, b) 21-OCT-2002 (done)
Pengcheng Dai Topic 21 (Exercise 31 c) 31-OCT-2002 (done)
Huidong (Dennis) Tian Topic 19 (Exercise 28) 11-NOV-2002 (done)
Dawn MacIsaac Topic 3 (Cantor's Paradox) 11-NOV-2002 (done)
Shahram Siavash Topic 20 (Compactness Theorem) 11-NOV-2002 (done)
Pengcheng Dai Topic 21 (Exercise 32 a) 18-NOV-2002 (done)
Xiayong (Jason) Hu Topic 21 (Exercise 31 e) 21-NOV-2002 (done)
Lai Lei Topic 21 (Exercise 31 h and i) 21-NOV-2002 (done)
Sara Kennedy Topic 16 (Gentzen systems) 25-NOV-2002 (done)
Fatima Issawi Topic 18 (Semantic Tableau Systems) 25-NOV-2002 (done)
Xiaoyang Yu Topic 21 (Exercise 31 j and k) 25-NOV-2002 (done)
Keith Mackay Topic 24 (Exercise 36) 25-NOV-2002 (done)
Jun Wu Topic 21 (Exercise 31 d) 28-NOV-2002 (done)
Joe Fakhri Topic 21 (Exercise 32 b) 28-NOV-2002 (done)
Ping Tan Topic 26 (Exercise 38) 28-NOV-2002 (done)
Zhuomei Wu Topic 17 (Natural Deduction Systems) 28-NOV-2002 (done)
Wei Gao Topic 21 (Exercise 31 g) 02-DEC-2002 (done)
Kevin Everets ML and STT 02-DEC-2002 (done)
Bo (Tyler) Xie Topic 22 (Exercise 34) 02-DEC-2002 (done)
Alexandre Korobkine Proof by Contradiction that the Square Root of 2 is Irrational 05-DEC-2002 (done)
Nick Torenvliet Topic 25 (Exercise 37) 05-DEC-2002 (done)
Millie de Guzman Topic 28 (Exercise 41 c) 05-DEC-2002 (done)
Kevin Everets Topic 30 (Exercise 43) 05-DEC-2002 (done)
Sara Kennedy Fuzzy Logic 05-DEC-2002 (done)
Dawn MacIsaac Topic 28 (Exercise 41 b) 05-DEC-2002 (done)
Keith Mackay Base -2 (Negabinary) 05-DEC-2002 (done)
Shahram Siavash Monoid Homomorphisms 05-DEC-2002 (done)
Nick Torenvliet Survey of Symbolic Logic 05-DEC-2002 (done)