Computer Science 3CN3
Computer Networks and Security

Software Engineering 4C03
Computer Networks and Computer Security

Winter 2009

Instructor: William M. Farmer

Student Wiki Pages

CS 3CN3 Students

  1. Adams, Stephen (Steve)
    Cell BE - A Network on a Chip
  2. Colby, Luke
    Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)
  3. Collier, Matthew (Matt)
    Internet Control Message Protocol
  4. Fay, Daniel (Dan)
    Denial Of Service Attacks
  5. Hamilton, Robert (Bob)
  6. Katmeh, Mahmoud
    Cryptography in Information Security
  7. Luong, Quang (Tom)
    Tools for Conducting Denial of Service Attacks
  8. Mao, Yu
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS)
  9. Morsaline, Lorraine
  10. Rosolak, Misha
    The practicality of IPv6
  11. Saini, Sukneet
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  12. Shen, Shengwei (Shen)
    Social network service
  13. Shukri, Muhammed
    Keystroke Logging
  14. Simpson, Aaron
    Network Latency
  15. Stallaert, Jeffrey
    Onion Routing

SE 4C03 Students

  1. Al-Haddad, Samer
    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  2. Al-Tahan, Ali
    3G Communication
  3. Asokan, Praveena
    Security in Smartphones
  4. Au, Matthew
    Credit Card Chip Security and Technology
  5. Boudreau, Adam
    Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  6. Chokshi, Kruti
    How to Connect to the Internet via an ISP
  7. D'Angelo, Stephen
  8. El Meniawy, Monica
    Security for Small Home Networks
  9. Eles, Colin
  10. Everson, Michael (Mike)
    Proxy Server
  11. Fu, Lixi
    Network firewall
  12. Gan, Victor
    Steganography and Digital Watermarking
  13. Girard, Paul
  14. Gosyne, Darren
    Peer to Peer File Sharing
  15. Han, Junsub
    High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)
  16. Heifetz, Jeffrey
    Man in the Middle Attack
  17. Holtom, Matthew (Matt)
    Network Attached Storage
  18. Holtzman, Tyler
    RSA Encryption Algorithm
  19. Ivanovic, Aleksandar (Alex)
    Corporate Security and IT Policies
  20. Jaskolka, Jason
    Ethical Hacking
  21. Jedrocha, Bart
    Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
  22. Kim, Michael
    Cloud Computing
  23. Kirby, David
    Ethernet Routing Devices
  24. Komolafe, Temitope
    Personal Data Protection and Privacy
  25. LaRocque, Thomas (Tom)
    Public Key Authentication
  26. Leung, Gifford
    AJAX Security
  27. Libera, Gregory (Greg)
    Network Topology
  28. Luong, Philip
    IP Spoofing
  29. Mankarious, Nathanael
    Gobal Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM)
  30. Mordeca, Mark
    WLAN Standard 802.11n
  31. Ng, Jacky
    Domain Name System
  32. Nguyen, Anh-Quan
    Web 2.0
  33. Petta, Nathaniel
    Local area network
  34. Pires, Richard
  35. Rosario, Desnes (Des)
    Bots & Botnets
  36. Russell, David
    Trivial File Transfer Protocol
  37. Sadler, Jason
    Load Balancing for Network Servers
  38. Shahrouri, Mohammad
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
  39. Shams, Hina
    Email Security
  40. Shelly, Akhil
    Data Encryption for Storage Devices
  41. Takeda, Jeffrey (Masaki)
    Statistics of Internet Threats
  42. Varghese, Nisha
  43. Watson, Sean
    Deep packet inspection
  44. Wong, Cheuk Kwan (Venus)
    Fingerprint Authentication
  45. Wood, James
  46. Yu, Wilson
    MD5 Rainbow Tables
  47. Zieba, Christopher (Chris)
    Interplanetary Internet