Mathematical Knowledge is Mathematics' Treasure

NA-MKM 2004

Second North American Workshop on
Mathematical Knowledge Management

Joint Mathematics Meetings
Borein Room, Hyatt Regency Hotel
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
January 6, 2004

What is MKM?

Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM) is an exciting new field in the intersection of mathematics and computer science. The need for good MKM is great: mathematical knowledge is mathematics' treasure; it is vital to engineering, science, and mathematics itself, and it is used by millions of people. The challenge of MKM is also great: mathematical knowledge is unsurpassed in its extent, richness, and interconnectedness. Current technology is not capable of fulfilling this need and meeting this challenge. New and more sophisticated theory and technology is required.


The purpose of NA-MKM 2004 was to introduce the issues and challenges of MKM to the North American mathematics community. The goal was to share ideas and to explore ways mathematicians and MKM researchers can collaborate.


Workshop program

The workshop was a one-day meeting held on January 6, 2004 open to everyone attending JMM 2004. The program included two invited talks and 8 short presentations. 25 participants attended the workshop.

Invited speakers

Why is MKM important to the North American mathematics community

First, mathematical knowledge is both the raw material and the finished product of mathematics. It is essential for the health of mathematics -- as well as engineering and science -- that mathematical knowledge be effectively managed.

Second, effective MKM requires a sophisticated understanding of mathematics. Input from mathematicians, mathematics educators, and other members of the mathematics community is needed to steer MKM research in the right direction and keep it on track.

Third, research in MKM is much more actively being pursued in Europe than in North America. Unless North Americans step up and play a role, the direction of MKM research may be largely determined by European interests.

Relevant scientific and technological areas

Computer algebra
Computer theorem proving
Digital libraries
Formal methods of computing
Intellectual property rights
Knowledge representation
Mathematical software design
Mathematics documentation
Mathematics education
Mathematics publishing
Web presentation of mathematics


The new field of MKM was launched in September 2001 with the First International Workshop on MKM at Hagenberg, Austria (MKM 2001) organized by Bruno Buchberger and Olga Caprotti. The Second International Conference on MKM was held in February 2003 in Bertinoro, Italy (MKM 2003), and the Third International Conference on MKM will take place September 19-21, 2004 in Bialystok, Poland (MKM 2004). The Mathematical Knowledge Management Symposium recently took place in November 2003 at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In December 2001 an MKM consortium of researchers was founded under the leadership of Michel Hazelwinkel. The European members of the consortium received funding from the EU in 2002 for a large MKM exploratory project named the Mathematical Knowledge Management Network.

The First North American Workshop on MKM took place in June 2002 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (NA-MKM 2002). It was attended by 32 researchers and students from Canada and the United States.


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