The North American Chapter of The MKM Consortium

What is MKM?

Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM) is an exciting new field in the intersection of mathematics and computer science. The need for good MKM is great: mathematical knowledge is vital to engineering, science, and mathematics itself, and it is used by millions of people. The challenge of MKM is also great: mathematical knowledge is unsurpassed in its extent, richness, and interconnectedness. Current technology is not capable of fulfilling this need and meeting this challenge. More sophisticated technology based on new theory is required.

What is the MKM Consortium?

The MKM Consortium is a group of researchers, software developers, mathematics practitioners, librarians, and publishers interested in MKM founded under the leadership of Michiel Hazewinkel in December 2001.

What is the Purpose of NA-MKM?

The purpose of NA-MKM is to advance MKM in North America.

Conferences of the MKM Consortium

Activities of the North American Chapter

Activities of the European Chapter

NA-MKM Mailing List

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