William M. Farmer

Department of Computing and Software
McMaster University

Academic Ancestors

William M. Farmer Self
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison 1984
Length of Proofs and Unification Theory
Kenneth Kunen Advisor
Ph.D. Stanford University 1968
Inaccessibility Properties of Cardinals
Dana S. Scott Grand-advisor
Ph.D. Princeton University 1958
Convergent Sequences of Complete Theories
Alonzo Church Great-grand-advisor
Ph.D. Princeton University 1927
Alternatives to Zermelo's Assumption
Oswald Veblen Great-great-grand-advisor
Ph.D. University of Chicago 1903
A System of Axioms for Geometry
E. H. (Eliakim Hastings) Moore     Great-great-great-grand-advisor
Ph.D. Yale University 1885
Extensions of Certain Theorems of Clifford
And Cayley in the Geometry of n Dimensions
H. A. (Hubert Anson) Newton Great-great-great-great-grand-advisor
B.S. Yale University 1850

Source: The Mathematics Genealogy Project