Remarks on the content of this CD-ROM

At the Joint Mathematics Meeting (JMM) 2004 in Phoenix/Arizona two events were organized dealing with Mathematics Knowledge Management (MKM) and Markup Languages (ML) for articles in mathematics.

The idea of this CD is to collect the corresponding presentations, as far as available, in a format which can be read with standard software.

On MKM a full session was established which took place on the day prior to the JMM. (See the announcement and the program.) This was the North-American MKM-Meeting 2004 as a successor to the previous first North-American Meeting on the subject. It was an American counterpart to the MKM-meetings taking place in Europe on a regularly basis, and its aim was to bring MKM closer to mathematicians. (This makes up for the first part of the CD.)

Mark-up of mathematical papers is an important part of MKM. During the JMM there was a series of presentations given at a special booth in the exhibition area. The second part of the CD contains some of the material presented, which we include here for a better dissemination of information and for promoting these exciting developments for the benefit of mathematics and mathematicians.

Bernd Wegner, March 2004